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Full-bodied taste and appealing texture give A Gourmet Thyme shortbreads an unrivaled three-dimensional flavor. The shortbreads are crafted to perfection, using small-batch artisan techniques.

Explore our serving suggestions, using the shortbreads as a platform for your hors d'oeuvres. You will be inspired by the way we strike the right balance when opposing flavor profiles merge.

Consider them for gifts. Who wouldn't be flattered to receive these petite treats? All of our products may be purchased on-line. Check back often, as new products are always in the works.


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About us.

A Gourmet Thyme Too LLC is a partnership between two creative food professionals with nearly 50 years of experience. Donna Cavanaugh has enjoyed years of culinary adventures and successes with her catering company.  Bonnie Alton is a baker with a storefront shop in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Together they are a strong force for new ideas and artisan baking at its best. Founded in 2011, the product line is being well received by specialty food locations, gift shops, and grocery stores.

Owners  Donna Cavanaugh and  Bonnie Alton

Owners Donna Cavanaugh and Bonnie Alton